McVac Environmental


McVac Environmental has built a reputation as the leading provider of technical vacuum services throughout the region. We continually upgrade and invest in the best equipment and technology available, while focusing on sustainable growth and development.

A Staff Dedicated to Safety and Efficiency

McVac’s entire staff is continuously participating in educational programs that emphasize safety, compliance and fleet operations allowing us to meet and exceed the industry standards. Our highly skilled and trained operators, coupled with the advantage of our technology, produce projects that are completed with greater efficiency and safety, leading to lower overall costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Equipment Built for Optimal Service

Founded in 1990, it wasn’t long before companies and contractors began to realize the benefits that McVac’s equipment could provide. Utilizing high-powered “super” vacuum trucks rather than traditional vacuum trucks, McVac is able to handle difficult pumping of sludge and solids at rates up to 10 times faster than our competitors.

Our equipment has been developed and built to technologically innovative and exacting standards, allowing us to optimize our performance within applications that include vacuum excavations of soils, site remedial activities, responding to and facilitating the cleanup of spills, and pipe and catch basin cleaning and inspection.

Each piece of equipment has been designed by our team, with the assistance of our clients to meet the individual needs of each project that we support.