McVac Environmental

Hy-Rail Services

McVac Environmental Services, Inc. has custom-designed Hy-Rail SuperVacuum trucks to meet the demanding needs of the railroad industry. 

All units are designed to operate on the existing rails. The trucks are designed to get on and off the rails at most road intersections within minutes. The proprietary design maximizes performance while adhering to the strict requirements of the railroad concerning height, width and length of the vehicle. The equipment is designed to handle all solid ballast material along with both hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste.

Hy-Rail ComboMcVac’s Hy-Rail fleet also includes a custom-designed recycling comb unit with a 2,000-gallon water tank that will recycle and replenish itself during the course of the cleaning operation. This capability means the combo unit can spend an entire day or even a week on the rails without coming off for more water.

Our Hy-Rail trucks come equipped with remote control booms, bag-houses and are all performance-rated DOT-certified hazardous waste units. With the use of McVac’s unique equipment, contractors can expect efficiencies that encompass expedient, cost-effective, safe services. These units can be dispatched from any of our locations 24/7, as they are vehicles dedicated to service the railroad industry.

Our Hy-Rail Services Include:

  • Ballast Removal
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Derailment Response & Cleanup
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Hydro / Pneumatic Excavation
  • Track Cleaning & Maintenance

All equipment is FRA inspected on a yearly basis, and all operators receive various amounts of FRA training as well as individual training from the various railroad agencies/companies.