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Hydro Excavation Services

On-site hydro excavation servicesHydro excavation, also called hydro vacuum excavation, is a non-mechanical method of digging that uses a high-pressure water jet to loosen soil, then employs a high-speed vacuum to remove the soil and debris from the hole. Our custom hydro excavation equipment was designed by and built for McVac Environmental Services and produces up to 7000 psi of directional pressure for better productivity when cutting through rough ground and hard clays.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation Services:

Our hydro excavation services are fast, efficient, and powerful, and is an excellent way of digging in areas of rough ground or hard clay. The method also works well for larger excavation projects and when you are trying to dig without damaging underground features such as electrical wire, water or sewer pipes, gas pipelines, or fiberoptic cables. Unlike digging with shovels, backhoes, or other heavy equipment, hydro excavation services allow construction to take place in areas where equipment can’t reach, increases digging precision, and eliminates the risk of digging in hazardous or sensitive areas. Hydro excavation services are also an excellent option for construction that must take place in the winter months, because it can use hot water to break through frozen ground. Hydro excavation services are used in several applications and industries, including general construction, utility, electrical, telecommunications, chemical, and oil and gas.

Features of Our Custom Hydro Excavation Equipment:

  • Directional pressure up to 7000 psi
  • An on-board water storage tank
  • Low water usage (5 to 9 gpm) for less waste and disposal
  • Temperature-control for water from 0 to 180 degrees

Vacuum or Hydro Excavation?

The choice between hydro excavation and vacuum excavation depends on the specific requirements of the digging project. In general, hydro excavation is faster and more powerful, and is a good option for larger excavation projects or for digging in areas with rough ground or hard clay. Hydro excavation may also be a better option when the ground is frozen, because it can use hot water up to 180 degrees. In cases where backfill needs to remain dry in order to refill the hole, vacuum excavation is the better option. With hydro excavation, a high-speed vacuum removes the wet, muddy soil from the hole, but that soil must be transported to a dump site for disposal—it usually can’t be used to refill the hole. Still not sure which excavation type is best for your digging project? McVac Environmental Services is fully equipped for hydro vacuum excavation services as well as other methods and can help you determine which is best for your project based on your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today!

McVac Environmental Services is a premier provider of hydro excavation truck services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and adheres to the highest levels of safety and professionalism. For more information on hydro excavation services, contact us today.