McVac Environmental


With an increasing number of our country’s utilities located underground, utility companies and contractors often turn to vacuum excavation when exposing them as needed. With vacuum excavation, contractors and utility companies are able to expose all utilities without the risk of hitting or damaging an existing utility, which could be very dangerous and costly to repair.

McVac provides services for applications including:

  • Curb Box Water Valve Repairs
  • Utility Pole Holes
  • Trenching for Waterline Installation
  • Transmission Holes
  • Test Pits
  • Directional Drilling Test Holes
  • Thawing of Frozen Ground Utilizing Steam and Hot Water
  • Trenching to Expose Buried Utilities

McVac has the experience and knowledge to assist on all utility projects ranging from large underground projects to large overhead upgrades. Contractors and utility companies rely on McVac to handle all their environmental needs from start to finish with our turnkey service and dedication to safety.

McVac provides all environmental needs for overhead and underground projects, such as:

  • Frac Tank Rentals
  • Disposal of Drilling Water/Mud
  • Transportation and Disposal of Drilling Spoils
  • Response to Oil Spills from Heavy Machinery at Construction Sites, etc.